From The Principal

Tieton Intermediate School
"A Place to Grow"

To all parents, guardians, and students,

This year will be significantly different from anything we have ever done.  We will be teaching via Zoom at least through October and maybe longer.  The expectations for students will be no different than if they were coming to school.  They must be engaged every day in their learning.  They will be required to do independent work.  There will be times to ask their teachers for help if they are struggling.  This learning opportunity is not optional.  If they do not engage, they will not receive passing marks and will be considered for retention. 

Our core instruction time will be from 9:30 to 11:30 Monday through Friday except Wednesday via Zoom.  We will have small group instruction with para support scattered throughout the day.  Those schedules will be determined based on student and parent availability.  We will also schedule some physical activity during that 2 hr. to help stimulate the brain and keep students active.

On Wednesday, we will have Science and Social Studies time plus 30 min of Social Emotional Learning (Growth Mindset, decision-making, emotional regulation, etc.).  These times are as important to our students’ academic and personal growth as anything else we do.

We will be using our online platforms for Go Math and for Wonders to teach our core math and ELA standards.  In addition, we will be adding IXL for math and ELA for students to get additional practice at their instructional level.  As an example, we could have a 5th gr. student who is above grade level in his/her ability work on 6th or 7th grade material on the same standard as the rest of the class or if a student was below grade level, we could have him/her work on the same standard at a lower level.  We also use the program for addressing basic skill deficit as well.

As is the rest of the district, we will be using Zoom for our live instructional time as stated above.  We will use Teams to post our lessons, student work, and to share our instructional videos so that students may access again or at a different time if needed.

I have scheduled office hours for students to access their teachers in the morning and in the afternoon. I will also schedule times from 5-8 for teachers to work with students as well. 

Our schedule is also posted below.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Campos, or myself at 678-8700.

Stay safe and healthy,

Kelly Thorson

Tieton Intermediate School Principal

“Tieton Intermediate School…A Place to Grow”