From The Principal

Tieton Intermediate School
"A Place to Grow"

            Tieton Intermediate School is a place to grow!  Our staff has embraced a Growth Mindset and now it is time to teach this to our students.  This year your student will be given the opportunity to make lots of mistakes and with those mistakes, their brains will grow, thereby maximizing their learning. 

            New to Tieton Intermediate School this year we welcome in the graduating class of 2026 and also added five new staff members.  Cesar Farias has been hired to teach 4th grade math and Irma Dorantes will be teaching 4th grade reading/language arts.  Mara Knoepfle has moved to 4th grade reading/language arts and Tina Criste was hired to fill her position in 5th grade reading/language arts.  With the retirement of Mrs. Vornbrock and Mrs. Gaudette from our Special Education department, we had the opportunity to hire Beth Carl to fill those positions.  We also hired a new counselor named Anna Poel.  Mrs. Poel will be shared with Marcus Whitman.  We are excited for the year to get started with everything new.

            To start the year off right for your Tieton Intermediate student, I request that you all come to our Tieton Intermediate School Orientation Night on Thursday August 24th.  Come join us for a welcome back barbeque sponsored by our Parent Association from 6:00 to 6:30 pm.  All students and their families are welcome. At 6:30 pm students and parents will be able to meet the child’s teachers, drop off school supplies, and hear class expectations.  As part of the evening’s activities, students and their families can participate in a scavenger hunt.  All students that complete the scavenger hunt by the end of the night will be entered into a drawing for prizes on the first day of school.

            This will be a great year filled with new challenges.  Our staff is tasked with challenging your son/daughter to think and grow. We will ensure that he/she will have a demanding, but supportive school environment.  Our goal is to set every student up to be successful, not just at Tieton Intermediate School, but to lay the foundation for them to be successful in junior high and high school.  One way you can support us in this challenge is to ensure that your son/daughter is at school all day, every day.  We use every minute of the day to educate our students.  It makes it very difficult for your son/daughter to learn all that he/she can if he/she is not at school, shows up late or leaves early.  Please ensure that your child is at school all day, every day unless there is a family emergency, doctor/dentist appointment or if your child is vomiting/has a fever.  Please do not get in the habit of picking them up early from school because you do not want to wait in line at the end of the day.

            I am excited to get to know your son/daughter as well as to help them grow and have success.  For us to have a successful year though, we will need your help.  The Tieton Intermediate School Parent Association is very important to our future success as we use this group for communication, after school activities, fundraising opportunities to support our new PBIS program, and to help make school connections with our students outside of school hours.  I encourage all of you that can be part of this organization to please join in to help us educate our children.  

            If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (509) 678-8700 or email me directly at 


---Kelly Thorson, Principal

Tieton Intermediate

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